Kaees Solomon 3 RTA


The Kaees Solomon 3 RTA is a rebuildable tank atomizer with 25mm diameter. The deck of this top air-flow tank is suitable for single and dual coils.



Kaees Solomon 3 RTA

The Kaees Solomon 3 RTA is a rebuildable tank atomizer with a diameter of 25mm. The deck of this tank can accommodate single and dual coils. This RTA is a top-airflow tank, which eliminates the chance of leakage. It comes with two air flow caps so you can choose the perfect air flow for your vaping style. The drip tip has an 810 connection and the battery connection is 510.



Kaees Solomon 3 RTA
spare parts
2x air flow caps
extra glass
510 drip tip adapter


Our Tips:

 Keep in mind that when building a dual coil, you need to use two identical coils. The total resistance will amount to half of the resistance of each coil.

How often you need change your wick depends on your vaping habits. The e-liquid that you use also play a role. As a rule of thumb, you might have to change the wick after vaping 50ml of e-liquid. You can typically change the cotton three or four times, before you also need to change the coil.


Safety warning

When you build your own coil, you might choose for a resistance below 1.0ohm. You should only use Sub-ohm tanks and coils with devices and batteries that support them. The mod of this starter-set is suitable for low-resistance coils, as long as you use the right batteries. 

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