Vaptio Tyro Kit


The Vaptio Tyro Kit is an AIO starter set with 1500mAh battery and adjustable air flow. You can use the Aspire Nautilus BVC coils or the Vaptio cosmo coils.



De Vaptio Tyro Kit Kit is an All-In-One (AIO) starter set with 1500mAh battery and adjustable air flow. This kit comes with two Vaptio Cosmo coils, but you can also use the familiar Aspire Nautilus BVC coils. Of course you also get a USB-Micro USB cable to charge your device.


Features of the Vaptio Tyro Kit:

– Suitable for Direct Lung (DL) and Mouth-to-Lung (MTL) vaping
– Built-in battery with 1500mAh
– Short circuit protection.
– 2ml volume
– Adjustabe air flow
– Top fill
– 19mm in diameter and 122mm in length



Vaptio Tyro AIO kit
Cosmo C1 coil with 1.6ohm resistance for Mouth-to-Lung (MTL) vaping
Cosmo C2 coil with 0.7ohm resistance for Direct Lung (DL) vaping
extra glass
USB-Micro USB cable



You can switch the battery on and off by clicking on the fire button five times. The coil can be screwed directly onto the battery. To fill the tank, simply rotate the upper ring. You will then see the opening for the e-liquid.