Valkiria Black Beard


Valkiria Black Beard is a mix of tobacco, honey, coffee and candied chestnuts. This shortfill is sold in 60ml bottles filled up to 40ml, which means that you can add two nicotine shots. This Italian flavour features 50%PG/50%VG.

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Valkiria Black Beard

Valkiria Black Beard is a mix of tobacco, coffee, honey and candied chestnuts. This flavour won the award for Best Tobacco E-liquid at Vape Jam UK 2019 in London. The PG/VG ratio is 50%PG/50%VG. This shortfill e-liquid is produced in Italy and is sold in 60ml bottles filled up to 40ml so you can add 20ml of base.


About Valkiria

Valkiria  is part of VaporArt‘s network. Vaporart is a leading Italian manufacturer of e-liquid, flavourshots and shortfills. The production takes place an ISO9001 facility. Their shortfills range from bakery to fruity flavours. 


Mixing Instructions

You need to add 20ml of base. The nicotine level and PG/VG composition of the base will contribute to the end result. Here are some examples:

40ml Shortfill e-liquid + 10ml base 0mg/ml nicotine = 60ml e-liquid with 0mg/ml nicotine.
Shake and Vape (40ml) e-liquid + 20ml base 9mg/ml nicotine = 60ml e-liquid with 3mg/ml nicotine.
S&V with 40ml e-liquid + 20ml base 18mg/ml nicotine = 60ml e-liquid with 6mg/ml nicotine.

You can find more information in the section Shortfill (Shake and Vape) and Nicotine Calculator and Shortfill (Shake and Vape) and PG/VG Calculator.

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Safety Warning

This product contains nicotine which is a highly addictive substance. This warning applies to all e-liquids that contain nicotine at the moment of purchase. It also applies if nicotine is added by the end user.