Pukka Juice Blackcurrant


Blackcurrant by Pukka Juice is a mix of blackcurrant and lime. This UK shortfill e-liquid features a 30%PG/70%VG ratio. It comes in 60ml bottles filled with 50ml flavour, which leaves you room for one nicotine shot.

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Pukka Juice Blackcurrant

Pukka Juice Blackcurrant a mix of black currant and lime. The PG/VG ratio of this nicotine free short fill is 30%PG/70%VG. It comes in 60ml bottles filled up to 50ml so you can add 10ml of base. The nicotine level and PG/VG composition of the base will contribute to the end result. You can find more information in our Shortfill (Shake and Vape) and Nicotine  and Shortfill (Shake and Vape) and PG/VG calculators.

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About Pukka Juice

Pukka Juice produces premium shortfills and e-liquids in the UK. They also make Nicotine Salts e-liquid. You might have heard about them for the many variations of their Blaze flavour.

Mixing Instructions

You need to add 10ml of base. The nicotine level and PG/VG composition of the base will contribute to the end result. Here are some examples:

  • 50ml Shortfill e-liquid + 10ml base 0mg/ml nicotine = 60ml e-liquid with 0mg/ml nicotine.
  • Shake and Vape (50ml)  e-liquid + 10ml base 9mg/ml nicotine = 60ml e-liquid with 1.5mg/ml nicotine.
  • S&V with 50ml e-liquid + 10ml base 18mg/ml nicotine = 60ml e-liquid with  3mg/ml nicotine.


Safety Warning

Nicotine is a highly addictive substance. This warning applies to all e-liquids that contain nicotine at the moment of purchase. It also applies if nicotine is added by the end user.

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