JustFog J-Easy 9 battery


JustFog J-Easy 9 battery is the 900mAh variable voltage battery that comes with the JustFog Q16 starter set. The battery has a micro-USB port for charging.

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Brand JustFog
Features <40watt, 900mAh, Variable Voltage
Threading 510
Colour Black, Pink, Silver


The JustFog J-Easy 9 battery is the variable voltage battery with 900mAh capacity that normally comes with the JustFog Q16 kit. This battery is protected against short circuit, undercharging and overcharging. The battery has a standard 510 connection so it fits most clearomizers, even though it is most often used with the JustFog Q16 clearomizer.  Please note that this battery does not support coils with a resistance lower than 1ohm. The JustFog J-Easy 9 battery is available in three colours: black, silver and pink.



You can switch the device on and off by pressing the main button 5 times. To adjust the voltage, simply press on the two connected buttons located under the leds. The selected voltage and remaining battery charge can be easily read on the screen.



JustFog J-Easy 9 battery


Our tips:

When charging this battery use wall adapters with an output of 1A or lower