Below you can find all our 140ml base without nicotine. This is base which is available in 140ml bottles. Due to EU regulations base in this size is only available without any nicotine (i.e., 0mg/ml).

When ordering a nicotine free base in 140ml bottles you do have a choice of ratio. This means you can choose between 30%PG/70%VG and 100%VG. The choice ultimately depends on the kind of DIY e-liquid you would like to make.

Whatever version you may choose, we only sell base from reliable producers from the European Union. If you have any questions about our base, you are welcome to get in contact with us.

Cloud Vapor Base

 4,50 14,95

Base without nicotine produced in France. Cloud Vapor base is sold in 140ml and 1L bottles. This base is available with the several different PG/VG ratios.